Five important Factors to consider before buying furniture online

The advent of the internet has completely changed the buying behaviors of many Nigerians. From groceries, electronics, fashion to equipment, the internet has become a growing purchasing channel for Nigerians.

This is due to the proliferation of cheap smartphones and the decreasing cost of accessing the internet. This has also affected the sale of furniture. Several popular furniture companies like Lifemate, VAVA Furniture, IO Furniture, and e-commerce platforms such as Jumia, Konga have all set up an online store to cater to online buyers.

However, while online options have become a trend for many Nigerians, there have been several complaints from customers who purchased their furniture online. Some of the usual complaints from customers include;

  • Poor customer support: A lot of online buyers have often complained of poor customer support from online furniture retailers.
  • Defective product: Many customers have complained of buying defective products from online stores.
  • Different product upon purchase: Many customers have complained of receiving a completely different product from the one they ordered online. This difference could be in size, colour, weight, or the product lacking key features advertised online.
  • Poor finishing: Many customers often complain about the quality of the products they buy online. Some online retailers don’t use the real image of the final products hence deceiving customers.

To protect you from buying low-quality furniture online, we have identified some factors to consider before buying your furniture online.

  1. Customer reviews: Before deciding to make a purchase online, ensure you do your research. If the furniture store has an online store, you should check out reviews from customers who have bought the product. This will give you a good idea of the quality of the product.
  2. Check brand reputation: Some companies have built their name over time. Hence they wouldn’t want to destroy their brand reputation. They can be trusted for selling quality furniture online.
  3. Return Policy: Before buying furniture online, you should check if the store has a return policy. You would be surprised to know most online stores don’t have one, which is quite sad.
  4. Refund Policy: Refund policy is also an important factor to consider before buying furniture online. However, not all store are willing to return your money. The best they may do is to repair your goods. Big retailers such as Jumia and Konga do have a refund policy.
  5. Customer Support: One of the characteristics of a good online store is its customer support. You can test a store’s support by calling them or emailing their official email. If you don’t get a response within a day or two, it shows the store will have terrible customer support. It will be wise to avoid such a store when buying your furniture.


Every day several online stores are created selling various types of furniture. One advantage that online furniture brings is its ease and comfort of shopping from your phone. However, it does comes with its cons. You should weigh the options carefully and consider some of these important factors before buying furniture online.

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