1.What do I benefit from using Royal-Shine?

Ans. Being a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients, Royal Shine is formulated to protect, and condition your leather furniture – making them last for many more years. The formulation is tropicalized to address our harsh weather conditions, causing you to enjoy your leather furniture, leather bags etc. as many years as you wish.

2. How do I use Royal-Shine?

Ans. Thoroughly clean the material you want to shine with a piece of foam.  Apply some quantity of Royal Shine to the surface with a piece of foam. Spread evenly on the surface, wait for about 30 minutes and buff with a piece of foam to shine.

3. Does Royal-Shine have any adverse effect on my leather?

Ans. No! Royal Shine is friendly to both synthetic and natural leather products. It protects them from the vagaries of our harsh climate – making them to last long and shine best.

4. How frequently can I apply Royal-Shine?

Ans. As often as it is desirable. We recommend weekly application for public areas. Buffing should be daily – to get rid of dust.

5. Aside of leather products, where else can I apply Royal-Shine?

Ans. Apart from leather furniture, car dash boards, travelling bags, car, door mart. Royal-Shine is excellent for natural wood furniture, MDF and HDF Kitchen furniture, wardrobes and Beds.

6. Is Royal-Shine color selective?

Ans. No! Perfect for every color.

7. Is Royal-Shine friendly to the environment

Ans. Yes! Royal-Shine in formulated with synthetic and natural ingredients that is perfect for the environment. It is the ideal leather polish for our environment.

8. Where can I buy Royal Shine?

Ans. – Visit our online Store at royalshine.com.ng or call any of our Royal Partners

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